3 Sign You’re In A Happy Relationship


Have you found yourself wondering what secret to happiness the happy couples that you encounter in all walks of life are hiding? Well, we won’t answer a la Po’s Dad in Kung Fu Panda and say It’s nothing’…

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Every relationship thrives on a certain set of common things that make living with your mate the most emotionally rewarding experience ever. Hopeless romantics like you and me are always on the lookout for signs from the heaven – signs that convey that you are on the right track, that he or she is the one, and that you will have your own happily ever after!


Look no further, all the signs are right here:

1. You love yourself all the more these days.

Happy couples are akin to a team, which is whole to outsiders but functions as two individuals working in tandem. They encourage each other to pursue the activity of their choice and have fun in the process. This results in a tremendous boost of self-esteem for both of them.

If you notice that your mate is supportive of your dreams, eggs you on in your career/hobby pursuits, and is not clingy when you express the wish to have your own space; it means that he/she is completely secure of his/her place in your life. It also indicates that your mate will never be jealous of your success.

It means that your relationship is not the emotionally draining kind where your mate picks up fights for trivial reasons and always makes you feel that you are never good enough.

This creates a healthy cocoon for your relationship, shielding it from all the negativity that may arise when the two individuals compete against each other. You start to pay more attention to your personal hygiene, intellectual development, and creative fulfillment. Naturally, you start loving the person you have become all the more!


2. You want to share.

Unless you are born with exceptional altruistic tendencies, you would never be willing to share the last slice of pizza. This small possessiveness is an indicator of much bigger parts of our soul that we are not willing to share with the outside world.

We never share our innermost feelings, opinions about people, craziest ambitions, wildest adventures of the past out of the fear of coming about as either judgmental or reckless or in the worst case, both. Most of us meet other people with a version of ourselves that would be the most publicly acceptable.

There’s no fun in being your real self only in the confined space of your own room. If you find that you are okay with baring the deepest darkest core of your soul with your mate and not having to bother whether you’d be judged for your thoughts, well, you may just have found the one!

What’s more, he/she’ll never ask, but just one look at their angelic face will have you handing over the last slice of your pizza without the slightest bit of hesitation.

3. You look forward to starting your day.

The most prevalent myth about happy couples is that they don’t fight because they agree on everything. It cannot be more farther than the fact, since a study conducted on couples that have been in love for over 30 years has unraveled that 68% of disagreements remain unsolved forever. How would they still be in love if they fight? A little birdie tells us that most of them said that they don’t let arguments spill on to another day. The fight has to be resolved the same night through an apology or by agreeing to disagree on that matter.

If you find the above happening in your relationship, and still you look forward to your activity throughout the day with your spouse, then it’s a sign alright! Only optimistic people with positive self-esteem love to wake up every day with a spring in their step. And this is definitely an indicator that your mate will be fun to live with, for the rest of your life!



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