3 Mistakes People Make In Their Relationships


There are relationships mistakes that people tend to make with their spouses. However, there are some uncommon ones, which people tend to make as well.

These mistakes need special attention since people usually focus on the primary issues that include not paying attention or too much attention to the relationship.


No matter how much you call someone your angel the fact remains that he or she is human and subject to making mistakes sometimes. No one is perfect. Only God is. The way some people react when their partner makes a mistake, leaves me baffled sometimes. It portends that they are hundred percent above mistakes. But is that true?below are three mistakes people make in their relationship.

1 – Not Giving each other Time

Couples have to be an epitome of patience even though, for no good reason, they may seem to run out of it when it comes to a relationship . each couple needs time, and each take time. Couples shouldn’t jump to conclusions and judge at the same time as they would judge a friend or any other person. Couples need more time to internalize and express. Therefore, some may not speak about their feelings too early on in a relationship.

Also, couples have a different way of expressing themselves. They are indirect and use tools like humor and sarcasm. The only way you can avoid judging each other too soon and in the wrong manner is to pay close attention to how one talks, treats and behaves with other people.

2 – Living In A Fantasy World

Who doesn’t crave for a relationship that resembles one in a romantic Hollywood movie? Unfortunately, the real romance world is very different from that. Just having a person in your life is not the end of your expectations. Being too dependent on each other, one might start feeling handicapped. Being too stern also doesn’t help; it will push each other away, and if it doesn’t, the couple needs a self-respect check.

It is best to take a relationship as it is. If you let it develop naturally, it saves a couple a lot of stress and strain.

3 – Being Ignorant Of each other Needs

It is important that couples know what they want from each other. Probably they would have thought of it at the very beginning of their relationship. So they should try to talk to each other about it and see what they like in themselves and what they miss. If talking doesn’t help, watch each other and get the information. They will appreciate that they are trying to make efforts to know each other’s needs. In fact, they notice that their efforts will be rewarded in due time.

To conclude:
Well, the greatest blunder you can ever make in life is to think or believe you are above mistakes. Even the most intelligible and perfection conscious person do slip up sometimes. The man who created the pencil leaves an eraser at the bottom of it for the purpose of erasing mistakes. That is why you must be ready to tolerate mistakes from your partner or close friends or person you loves .


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