3 Personal Safety Tips For Public Transportation


Within the recent world today, the usage of public transportation is indeed quite more popular among many people whether in rural areas or in urban.

Furthermore, especially when you tend to stay in a city or in a remote area, use of a bus or even a cab is likely for a need to access to your place of work or everywhere you intend to travel at faster and without major challenges. At some times, one may also prefer to wait and travel on subway especially if you need to arrive at your designated place with ease and free from traffic jam.

Therefore, it’s obvious that many of us tend to forget about the safety measures on daily basis and instead see it as just a routine traveling to and from. Here are the three well known personal tips that can greatly help you to stay safe anytime you are traveling using public transportation:

Avoid waiting or getting off in places with few people

Basically, in order to ensure maximum security especially if you are a girl or a woman; then alighting or waiting for the bus or a cab in a place with no efficient movement of people should be avoided. On the contrary, opting to wait or get off in a place which looks quite busy full of people is recommended; and where you can be able to see the moment your preferred transportation arrives.

Be familiar with the route, time to departure, access points and even the exact amount to pay

However, it’s clear that most of public transportation is usually faced with problems of theft at a great extent. Therefore for a need to curb this, ensure to know the route you are traveling very well, exactly time to start the journey and even locations where you can still aboard the transportation. In addition, it’s good also to get to know earlier enough the actual fare to pay for the whole journey.

Stay familiar with your surroundings

This is very common to the majority of us especially when traveling using different forms of transportation from one place to another. Mostly for the girls they might feel uncomfortable or scared with the kind of people they are sitting next to. When this occurs to you don’t hesitate and instead inform the driver straight away or look for another seat. Apart from that, when you tend to feel not safe at all, getting off and waiting for another bus or cab is a good option.

In conclusion, your safety is a key concern anytime you are traveling; therefore, follow the above simple tips and you will stay comfortable in all your journeys’ with no worry.



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