Heartwarming Walls Of Kindness to Help Homeless


Kindness is the best language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see- so goes the famous saying. In the country of Persia , the citizens have devised a method of spreading this kindness to the homeless and the less privileged.

Homeless man in the street – graphicstock.com

Through a citizen-led project dubbed ‘Walls of Kindness’, individuals can donate jackets and blankets for the homeless to collect especially during the winter season.

This whole idea started in the city of Mashhad. Hanging hooks were placed on walls backed by the writings- “If you need it, take it. If you don’t need it, leave it”. Today it has spread in various corners of Iran including the capital Tehran.

Currently, many Iranians have been supporting this noble cause due to a number of reasons including; economic uncertainties especially with regard to the homeless, and at the same time also due to the cold weather conditions during winter.

Donating to these heartwarming walls of kindness as an individual might not seem much, but when your donations joins with the others, it becomes something much much bigger. It will also make you realize that even if you don’t have much, you can still have enough to share with those who don’t have at all.

Apart from benefiting the homeless, there are also individuals who survive on low salaries and can’t make ends meet. At the same time, there are students who do not rely on anyone for their finances. They too do benefit from this form of kindness.

After word spread on social media, food items and books are also being donated. This is meant to especially assist those such as students who are facing financial constraints.

Iran is setting the pace with this citizen-led charity. Iran is bringing warmth to the homeless in this cold season.

Donate today, for a better world.


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