5 Tips For Black Friday Shopping


Black Friday shopping is a highly anticipated date that many wait for each year. While it is an exciting event, it is also chaotic and can be overwhelming to many. Deciding which stores to shop at and at what time, and figuring out what store has what item for the best price is something that we all look for when choosing which is the best option for us.


We love to shop on Black Friday because we are able to save money on things we normally wouldn’t be able to afford. To make for a fruitful shopping experience, here are 5 tips for success on Black Friday:

Get a good night’s sleep

at least as much as you can. Going shopping on Black Friday can be a drag for someone who hasn’t slept a second the night before. While it is hard to sleep because of the anticipation and excitement the morning brings, it’s essential in order to keep your energy and irritation levels at a minimum on this hectic day.

Eat beforehand and bring snacks

The opening of the store is stressful, the gathering of the items is even more stressful, but the wait in line is extremely stressful. Most of the time you are going to be stuck in line for a couple hours so bringing water and snacks with you is a wise choice, especially if you have children with you. Plan to wake up early and make yourself a good breakfast and eat so that you aren’t hungry, as that will make the experience even more frustrating.

Plan ahead of time

Go through ads, know when stores open, and make a plan on where you are going, when, and what you are planning on getting. Planning is key on Black Friday because the items that you are mostly looking forward to getting is probably the same one that 100 other people want, but the store only has 50 of them. Keep a list, know where it’s at in the store, and be there early and claim your item.

Learn the stores’ floor plans and layout of all the deals

If you are one who is looking for a big flat screen TV like everyone else, being sure to know your exact direction to the electronics department is a sure way at a higher chance to get exactly what it is that you are aiming for If you plan on picking up more than just one item, know the direction to each department and the fastest way to get there.

Take family members and friends in order to successfully get more of the items on your list

This is especially important if you are looking for many things such as new popular toys, smaller items like DVD’s, and clothing. If you are planning to get many things in one place, take someone with you and have them stand in a different department than you so that you will have four hands instead of two. You may also use this option to have a child or friend pick up other items for you in another store while you are shopping in a different one.


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