10 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee Every Day


“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love”, so the famous adage goes. Talking about nothing else other than coffee. A beverage consumed worldwide at an average rate of 145 million bags a year according to the World coffee consumption statistics.

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Coffee, according to health experts, has been proven to have quite a number of benefits to an individual’s body and health. And this article therefore seeks to outline ten reasons why you should drink coffee every day. And this is why.

1) Boosts your memory and physical performance.
Research indicates that memory performance of individuals who start the day by drinking coffee is higher than their counterparts who don’t. At the same time, caffeine increases levels of adrenaline in the blood, a hormone which prepares the body for physical exertion. Therefore, whatever type of daily routine you may have, coffee is recommended in boosting your performance.

2) Coffee enables one to have a healthier heart.
Studies have demonstrated that daily consumers of coffee have reduced chances of getting heart complications as compared to non-daily consumers. This is because coffee protects against arterial damage caused by inflammation giving you a healthier heart by preventing unnecessary complications.

3) Protects against certain types of cancers.
Harvard school of public health research indicates that daily consumption of coffee can help prevent aggressive prostate cancer in men at the same time reducing risks of endometrial cancer in women. It has also been proven to reduce chances of one getting skin cancer.

4) Reduces risks of one developing type 2 diabetes.
Risks of developing type 2 diabetes drops by 7 percent for each daily consumption of coffee. This statistics courtesy of a 2009 research. Studies also indicate that individuals who drink more than 4 cups of coffee in a day have reduced risk of getting diabetes by 50 percent.

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© volff – Fotolia.com

5) Coffee can increase your happiness.
Individuals who drink coffee daily are ten times happier than those who don’t. Being happy can definitely boost your morale and confidence levels, making you productive at work, in school or at home.

6) Coffee consumption is also linked to lower levels of suicide.
Suicide in both men and women can be reduced by 50 percent just by a daily intake of coffee. This is because coffee acts as a mild antidepressant by producing neurotransmitters.

7) Helps keep the brain healthier even at old age.
Daily coffee consumption reduces risks of Alzheimer disease in old age. Although it may not prevent it in totality, it may delay its onset in adults above the age of 65.

8) Protects against gout.
Antioxidant properties in coffee reduces insulin, which in tern reduces uric acid levels which is responsible for causing gout.

9) Aids in weight loss.
For those intending to reduce weight in order to regain their health, daily coffee consumption is recommended.

10) It can increase your fiber intake.
Coffee has more fiber than wine which keeps you regular and at the same time slowing the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Therefore, for a healthier mind and body, daily consumption of coffee is the best.


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