10 Healthy Habits to Live Long Life


As we are ageing, our bodies experience various natural changes such as weakness, white hair, and so on. An individual who keenly follows good health routines and engages in healthy habits will live a long life. Unhealthy habits, such as drinking and smoking, will quicken ageing. Research has shown that individuals who live long usually takes healthier diets, manages their stress, performs exercises on a regular basis, and so on. It should be noted that our bodies are somehow connected with nature. Therefore, the act of practicing healthy habits will enhance our longevity by fighting early signs of ageing.


Below are 10 healthy habits of living a long life:

1. Engage in Regular exercises

Exercising has many health benefits to an individual such as controlling weight, maintaining healthy muscles, bones, and joints, reducing chances of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, promotion of psychological well being, reducing risk of premature death and reducing risk of death from illness such as heart disease. Various excuses which individually give not to exercise are the key reasons to exercise. Research shows that individuals who engage at least thirty minutes in running, walking, performing yoga, and cycling are more active and usually lives long.

2. Eat dairy and drink water

Milk and water are not only important fluids for the attainment of good health but also help in the process of shedding pounds. An individual’s body requires a lot of water to be properly hydrated. Scientific research shows that an individual should consider taking at least eight glasses of water each day. Water is also required by the vital body organs such as brain, heart, kidney and liver to function properly. Consumption of dairy helps in building strong teeth and bones. Studies also show that calcium in dairy helps in preventing kidney stones, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and heart disease.

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3. Get enough sleep

Recent research has clearly shown that a large number of individuals suffer from sleep apnea because they do not get enough sleep. Enough sleep is not only important in promoting good health but also in emotional and mental well-being. Individuals who do not get enough sleep are likely to develop psychiatric problems as well as using health care services, unlike an individual who gets enough sleep. In addition, lack of enough sleep can negatively affect your learning, logical reasoning, and memory.

4. Reduce stress

Stress will affect an individual’s body negatively. It impacts negatively your immune system, the ability to digest food properly, and the ability to sleep well. In addition, it can also cause an increase in weight as well as pain. An individual who is aiming to live long should look for key methods to reduce it so as to attain the desired age. Tools for reducing stress are usually easy to learn, as well as creates a relaxation mood. Relaxing your body reverses the negative effect of stress on an individual’s body.

5. Eat health foods rich in Fiber

A good diet is a significant factor which positively affects the internal health — an individual who includes fiber and nutritious foods in his or her diet as an additional advantage. Foods rich in fiber helps in lowering the chances of constipation, reducing cholesterol levels, and maintaining blood sugar levels. In addition, a high fiber rich food helps in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer as well as enhancing longevity.

6. Avoid supplements

It is scientifically proven that the consumption of nutritious foods which contain minerals, vitamins, beta-carotene, and selenium instead of taking supplements will help an individual live a long life. All fruits, grains, and green vegetables help in slowing down the rate of cognitive decline. Therefore, and individual should rely mostly on nutritious diets rather than a synthetic supplement for good living and longevity. Also, consumption of green vegetables helps in improving your brain function, boosting the immune system, improving your skin, and reducing inflammation in your body.

7. Drink tea or coffee

Individuals who take tea or coffee has a low risk of suffering from chronic diseases. Catechins and polyphenols found in green tea lower an individual’s chances of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. In addition, coffee helps in lowering heart disease, type 2 diabetes, brain ailments, and certain cancers. Tea and coffee drinkers have an additional benefit of at least twenty Percent risk of early death, unlike non-drinkers. Individuals should note that an excessive intake of caffeine, which is in tea and coffee can lead to insomnia and anxiety. Therefore, you should take the recommended limit of four hundred milligrams per day. For individuals suffering from sleep apnea should take tea or coffee early enough so to have a good sleep at night.

8. Eat less sugar

Sugar may cause a rapid rise in an individual’s blood sugar, which effects the initial feeling of well being. Consumption of less sugar will rapidly lower your blood sugar, which can cause a feeling of less or no energy at all. Below are importance of less sugar consumption:
– It lowers the risk of heart attack
– It lowers your cholesterol level
– Decreases your blood pressure
– Keeps an individual’s brain sharp.
– It lowers depression.
– Helps in maintaining your skin to look young and healthy.

9. Protect your skin

An individual skin starts to age immediately after birth. Therefore, research has shown that the best way to protect your skin is through staying out of direct sunlight. It is well known that sunlight has ultraviolet rays, which may cause dryness, wrinkles, and age spots on your skin. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays can even lead to skin texture changes, sunburn, skin cancers, and dilated blood vessels.

10. Take breakfast each and every morning

It is scientifically proven that individuals who take morning meal tend to take a bit more minerals and vitamins, less cholesterol, and less fat. Lower rate of cholesterol usually helps in reducing the chances of overeating. For additional benefit, an individual should consider having breakfast with protein, small fat content, and carbohydrates. The key point behind this is that there is no food which is rich in all nutrients; thus it is advisable to take various types of meals.


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