10 Garage Door Safety and Security Tips


Garage doors not only act an entrance to where you keep your car but also protect your vehicles from unfortunate incidents like burglary and unwanted damages.

It is important that these doors ensure complete safety of your vehicles and provides maximum security. Listed below are ten tips that you should keep in mind to ensure total safely and security of your garage.

Garage doors, like all other equipments need to looked after in a proper manner. Since most garages are separate entities from the house and are constantly exposed to the open, they are more likely to experience wear and tear.

It is best that you make a regular maintenance check of your door and make sure it is functioning properly. Check to see if the hinges are properly lubricated and that the springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, bolts and nuts are in proper working conditions.

With the growth in technology, doors for garages are available with many hi-tech functional options. If you are one such person who likes opting for fancy stuff, it is important you know how to function the door properly. For this, you need to read the user’s manual properly. Find out the functionality of all the buttons on the remote.

One of the most important safety tips when it comes to your garage door is that you need to be aware of what are the emergency facilities of your door. Make sure to know how to function the emergency release so that you’re not left wondering when an emergency actually takes place.

Nearly all garage doors come with a remote controller and so it is imperative that you take care of the remote and not leave it in odd places. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets that are likely to damage it. It is best to keep it at an elevated height like the top of a cupboard where children won’t have access to it.

A garage door provides security to your vehicles and if it doesn’t function properly, it could be subjected to circumstances like robbery. Hence, if you ever feel that the opening or closing mechanism of the door is giving problems, call for professional help and get the defect fixed immediately.

Never leave the door half way down. There is every possibility that the door could roll all the way down and this may cause injuries and other damages.

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Keep children away when you are operating the door. Kids tend to be hyperactive and always running around. In case, your door suddenly shut down, you wouldn’t want your kid in the way or he may get injured. Also, inform your child about refraining from keeping his hands on the door’s hinges.

When you are opening o closing a door, make sure it happens in your view. Don’t just press the remote button and walk away, especially in the case of closing the garage door. Sometimes, it may get stuck half way and you may not be aware that your garage door is half open.

Electric doors are a better option as they provide more safety but can cause serious accidents if there is a short circuit. Make sure you get such doors serviced at least once a month. It is best if you call up an electrician and have him look to see that all electric connections are secure at least twice a month.

While some garage doors may be available in the market at a lower price, you need to check their quality. It is best to invest in a superior quality door. Even if they cost a lot while buying, they save you a lot of money in the long run in terms of maintenance and durability.


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