How to Create an Advertisement More Attractive ?


Advertising can make or break your business, be it online ads, posters, flyers, commercials, etc. If you don’t advertise nobody will know about it, if you do it wrong it won’t attract the right people or worst, nobody will care about it at all.

If you do it right though, it will attract the right customers which can boost your business. Advertising might sound easy, but it’s very tricky. Here are some tips to help you create your advertisement more attractive. best example of a simple yet attractive advertisement form Coca-Cola.

Secure your Target Audience

In advertising it is very important that it is geared towards a group of individual rather than speaking to a general audience.

Picture Perfect

Have you ever seen that very enticing menu from restaurants? Yes. That is how you do it. Nobody will care about it if it’s not attractive. the picture needs to be high quality and has a plain background to highlight your product.

Keep it Short

When was the last time you stopped in the middle of the road just to read a poster ad? Nope can’t remember. Simplify everything on your ad, having to many words on it will make your ad boring. You don’t need to put everything on it just the important details like title/product, price, and what is it for.

Catchy phrase

Have you ever heard of “just do it.”? You’re right, Nike. How about “finger lickin’ good“? Again you’re right. KFC. This catch phrases are incorporated to their respective brands. It does not to be something fancy, just relevant to your product.

Make them want it

It is a plus if you can make your customers think than they must buy your product, making them think that they are missing out on the fun.


Nothing advertises more than discount promo! It is a way of telling your customers that you value them. It gives your customers satisfaction on what they are buying.



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