Top 4 Most Flirting Mistakes you make


Liking somebody and to be able to express your liking in a positive manner without coming off like a total creep is very important. When you like somebody, it is obvious that you start flirting with him/her because its natural. Some people try to force flirting and it can be a big put off. Sometimes it becomes difficult to win the heart of that special person you like a lot.

Commonly females are a bit too shy and become nervous while flirting with a guy. They try refraining themselves from being too obvious and expressing their interest. This is also common with men who are shy in nature. In this case, they just wait for the other person to act first. Confidence and belief in self can boost your natural flirting skills and cut off your lack of confidence, saving you from awkward situations.

However, there is a thin line between confidence and over confidence. Some silly mistakes can spoil your beautiful part of a life well spent with your person of interest. Ladies, this is especially for you, if you want to impress your partner then you have to avoid the following flirting mistakes:

1. The first mistake most women make is that they (indirectly) overly express their interest and this is done in the most awkward situations. For instance, you bumping across your crush and just going ecstatic.

2. While some ladies (or even men) remain shy and unenthusiastic to take initial steps for flirting, there are a few that go all in all for the deal. This behavior tends to get rude and is not perceived nicely by the other person. Being mean to oppress other person is definitely not the way to be with them.

3. Another thing to be extremely careful about is overconfidence, something that we want to stress on again and again. Don’t go about bragging your past relationships or even the current probable ones. Your crush is most likely to notice how overconfident you are and would no longer reciprocate their interest in you.

4. The worst possible thing that you can do is stalking. People, nobody likes a stalker! Neither in real life nor on social media platforms. It’s obvious that you stalk your crush’s profiles in a secret way, and that’s ok as long as you keep it secret. Don’t go berserk by showing how much you know about them. You will definitely get blocked for the rest of your life.


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