10 Best Ways to Change Your Look With Makeup


Sorry to burst your bubble dudes, but there is no such thing as natural beauty. Women have for centuries duped you into believing that they wake up in the morning looking like they walked right out of a movie scene. Not! While there are some aspects to women that are natural, there are so many secrets that women use to enhance their looks, and believe you me, they will find an excuse every time to glam up. Here are some make-up tips for every girl that wants to go from drab to fabulous within seconds.

A Touch of Mascara

The eyes are the soul to the heart as one famous author said. Get those eyelashes pumped up and ready to go with a mascara touch under them. Just a flick of black mascara for a darker iris or blue mascara for those bright colored irises will do the trick.

Lipstick for Your Cheeks

I know you wondering how, but a bright cherry colored lipstick for that light skin and chocolate for the dark toned skins. Try it and see the amazing effect it will have on your face.

Foundation First

Don’t apply that concealer first to before you have applied that foundation and let it set has set. This will save you on using so much make up and helps your pore breath better. This should be always your new key fashion and style rule.

Cat Eyes

For those alluring and captivating cat eyes, use liquid eyeliner, it helps the eyelashes to set perfectly unlike pencil eyeliner. For any style sensed girl cat eyes should feature as one of your key make up accessory.

© Subbotina Anna - Fotolia.com
© Subbotina Anna – Fotolia.com

The Fountain of Youth

A few dashes of illuminating  in your tinted moisturizer will for add radiance and flawlessness to your skin. There is that shouts of confidence and charm that a girl like skin exudes especially look for a SPF added moisturizer for that glowing skin.

The Black Spot

To get rid of those black spot and blemish marks on your skin, use concealer pencil with a hue close to your skin tone and stroke gently. Black spots a lady’s worst enemy, so get a good brand of concealer and shut them up.

Voluminous Lashes

To be on the trend allow that lash to bloom. Wiggle that mascara wand and allow it to apply that mascara evenly and preventing the lashes from clumping together. Another amazing eyelash is curling them to add youth and glimmer to your eye. The older we get the thinner and straighter our lashes tend to get.

Strength of a Brow

Brow powder will help you to get those eye brows, more natural looking, fuller and thicker for the now lady. This are all attributes for powerful and amazing brows for your everyday look. The secret is experiment use hue that goes well with skin but a more importantly match them to the cover gray. You can trim your brows but it is wise to go diagonal to the edge of your for that hot, sassy, fashion forward, adorable look.

© Subbotina Anna - Fotolia.com
© Subbotina Anna – Fotolia.com

Light Up Those Lips

Any girl longs for that perfect kiss. Well, they don’t just happen, you have to earn them. Get your lips full and glossy, preferably use a bright color that goes intensely well with the color and shade of your skin. Neon is in fashion, so don’t shy away from bright pink or amazing red nothing shout hot and seduction than lacy red lips, nothing. Darker lips are also amazing if glossed well and applied lightly to avoid the fashion trend. Don’t be afraid to express those amazing lips. And always gloss. Girls always should gloss their lips.

Practice Minimalism

Yes beauty is costly but that doesn’t mean that you have to flood your face with so much that we have to dig you out of all the make up to find the real you. It’s vital you apply the amount you essentially need and require. If not sure of what to do, visit and consult with a makeup artist who will study you, and all aspects that pertain to you and give recommendations on style set products and how to use them. Let the real you be seen, do not overdo. Make up is essential to enhance, let it work to your advantage.


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