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3 Fashion And Beauty Tips For Women

Fashion can be defined as people's style based on the mode of cladding, body makeups and among other thing's one's footwear. It is the...

Should Men Wear Makeup to Look Attractive

Generally, no one should have the need to wear make up just to look attractive; make up is only used to enhance the beauty,...

3 Beauty Tips For Transgender Women

Transgender women refer to those categories of ladies who at first time during birth were assigned as male; but officially their identity for their...

5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

While the way you dress during your wedding is crucial, your makeup is important too. Whether you will be married soon or just dreaming...

5 Signs You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

At one point in time, makeup belonged to those in the stage and galleries of theaters. However, revolutionary women introduced it to common women...

A Man Paid $150,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for inspiring the world with her trademark fashion and beauty style, full lips and thick brows. And while Kardashian has...

11 Simple Make-up Tips And Tricks

Applying makeup can be challenging especially if you do not know what you are doing. Stacking up different cosmetic products does not constitute applying...

10 Best Ways to Change Your Look With Makeup

Sorry to burst your bubble dudes, but there is no such thing as natural beauty. Women have for centuries duped you into believing that...