3 Reasons People Often Stay Single


One thing that is constant with time is change. The way we do many things continue to change. Sometimes it’s deliberately and sometimes the global shifts in technology, society, among others leave us no choice but to change.


Change is often a positive thing. One of the areas that have seen significant changes and continued to change is relationships. Moving from an era where only husbands were allowed by society to pursue women to an era where women seek men without flinching. Bottom line, our relationships are changing whatever your relationship status.
Below are the top reasons why many people stay single:

1- Fear

Many spouses stay single out of fear. Past experiences often leave a dent in people’s souls to the extent that some made up their minds a long time ago with such utterances such as, “I will never marry again”. Sometimes, “I will never trust a man/ woman again”. It’s reality; people do get hurt, and the journey to recovery can often be longer than expected. So those experiences will need healing before the fear can be eradicated and they can fall in love or even end up dating. These are only, just a few of some of the concerns.

2- Set in their ways

Yes, some people are just set in their ways. This can be to the point that they are not willing to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the new found love could be because they do not feel the attraction. This often comes after someone has tried everything but realized that this individual continues to live and behave as they are still single while in a relationship, it doesn’t work. Another bit is some people are so used to rejection to the point that they can find it difficult to trust someone who genuinely loves them or likes them. Suspicion trickles in and the relationship ends.

3- Being too comfortable with Singleness

This is often common for many people who haven’t been dating or been in a relationship for a long time. They have reached a point where being single is their normal, so being in a relationship can seem to take away a long list of things. Rather than focus on the many benefits of what a relationship brings or much better the joys that the other person can potentially bring, people can focus on what they are missing when they enter a relationship. In other words, being single is so comfortable to them to the point that even if they say they want a relationship, deep down what they want is to be single because of what they already have (this could be their independence,money,work, time, etc.). So unless a person brings themselves into alignment with what’s happening on the inside or what they want deep down then it’s difficult if not impossible to manifest the relationship. Being single is what they are comfortable with, so without digging deep to find out what is it that makes them feels uncomfortable about a relationship, and then it can often be difficult to bring alignment between the utterance of wanting a relationship and really wanting it from the inside out.



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