7 Health Benefits Of Garlic You Should Know


Garlic is one of the top spices used for cooking and garnishing. This is what we all know as a fact. However, some of us do not have any ideas that garlic has special benefits for our health as well.

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Some of its benefits are healthier skin, healthy heart  and anti-aging. Here I will provide the 7 benefits of garlic, which you can consider practicing after.

First and foremost, garlic can reduced pimples, acne or skin bacteria. The scientific explanation for this is the fact that garlic produce allicin which is good for fighting bacteria that causes pimples and acne. Simply cut fresh garlic and pressed it until the juice comes out then carefully apply it to the affected area of your skin. The juice of the garlic can prevent those nasty pimples from coming back.

Similar to this, garlic can also remove blackheads and whiteheads. These are some dirt that has been clogged in your face for several days and has not been removed thoroughly. This can cause facial irritation that might lead to acne as well. Same procedure, one can cut fresh garlic and apply it after peeling off the blackheads or whiteheads. The juice will absorb through the skin and prevent the pores from opening and prevent the dirt from coming through.

Anti-aging is what every human being wants to achieve and garlic has that ability to prevent aging with its natural enzymes. Garlic, like coffee and tea has a strong anti-oxidant that helps the skin become firm and remains young and vibrant. For using, simply crush some garlic into your daily facial wash or masks and apply it all throughout your face or body. This helps minimize your pores and leave a young and firm skin that would last in a longer period of time.

Another benefit of garlic is treating hair loss. As we all know, people these days go to a salon to treat their hair, apply color, and straighten it. What they do not realize is the effect of the heat and the chemicals used for hair treatment and hair colors. These can cause hair loss and if not treated accordingly might result to baldness. Garlic can help reduce hair loss due to its natural element which can be used in aiding hair loss and follicles.

Garlic is also good for the heart. This fact is known worldwide most especially to cook and recipe experts. As mentioned, garlic has anti-oxidant that can help the heart circulate regularly and prevent the blood from clogging the arteries.

A healthy heart means a stable blood sugar, and this is one of the facts that garlic can do. It stabilized the flow of the blood, and prevents high blood pressure and sugar intake. Some expert advice their patients to eat garlic every day and include it in their meals to help keep their sugar level stable.

Last but not the least; garlic can be a natural antibiotic. It fights bacteria and viruses infecting open wounds and rashes. Due to its natural compound, it eliminates wound infection when applied. It even heals the wound quickly that results to natural looking skin.

These are just common benefits of garlic which can be proved useful in our everyday lives. People that is very keen and conscious with their health must use garlic as their number one ingredients in their home for healthier and longer life.



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