Katarina Sreckovic Asked To Leave Because She Was Too Attractive


Katarina Sreckovic, a Tv reporter in Serbia, is asked to leave the sidelines during a football match due to what was termed as too attractive looks that were distracting the players.


A 25-year-old Tv reporter, Katarina Sreckovic, in Serbia got the most shocking and unexpected news in a recent sports match. When interviewing the football players of Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade team, it was noticed that the players could hardly answer any of her intelligent questions, which was due to their constant stare on the interviewer.


The players went ahead to complain that they could not concentrate on the game as they viewed the reporter as too attractive to a point of “stealing” their concentration during the match.


What followed was that the reporter was asked to leave sidelines because she was now becoming a distraction to the players. This caught her by surprise as she has been working with the team for some time, and she assumed that they had already gotten used to her looks. However, the reporter also disclosed that she had been asked to leave the pitch twice for the same reasons. She also said that getting the job was after her efforts of convincing the coach that the players would get used to her looks; otherwise they had already shown some signs of rejecting her based on her looks.

This news has been received differently by the different category of people with some viewing the act as a way of portraying men and especially soccer players as having no self-control. Others wonder whether it’s a way of promoting or condemning in football pitches.


Some have gone ahead to suggest that if indeed she is such distraction to the players, they should have taken the advantage and distract their opponents who are less used to her looks.

Shockingly, the coach for Red Star Belgrade has not come out to comment on the issue. This has raised concern because some people feel that Katarina would have been more distractive to the opponents, whom she rarely meets, than the team’s football players who she meets frequently.


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