DIY Make a Sports Bra out of Men’s Underwear !


If there is a topic that has really created a lot of buzz on the internet then, it has to be this funny idea of how to design an ideal sports bra from out of men’s underwear. For first timers, I know the whole idea might sound weird, but trust me, the whole process is really kind of simple and fun.

With this tough economic times, it is also very clear to understand why most of us will be very eager to give it a try, right? All in all, the entire project is undeniably super brilliant and creative idea because you will not only making your workouts better but also saving loads of cash in the process. Once you will complete this girl’s idea, I assure you, you are going to be totally inspired.

For this DIY project you are going to need a pair of scissors and a pair of clean, large men’s underwear. After ensuring that everything is in place, you are going to use the pair of scissors and then cut the crotch of the underwear forming a U-shape hole at the bottom. It is important to remember, that the elastic band that runs from the crotch to the waist line must not be cut in the process because they will be used as bra straps. Once you have finished, cutting the u-shaped hole, it is now time to try out your new sports bra. You can either decide to take a run or you can immediately get into your workout routine with your new sports bra. While trying out the new sports bra, you are going to notice that your boobs are not going to bounce at all. The feeling will be just as similar as that of a manufactured sports bra, but this time at a much lower cost. If you haven’t tried out this amazing idea, then it is high time you do.


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