Top 10 Hottest Football WAGs


They say that behind every successful man is a woman. That may as well be one of the gorgeous faces we see every time the camera drifts towards the crowd during a match. Oblivious of this fact, many supporters seem not to know the strength and support behind their favorite player and the club in general. Well, our countdown today pays tribute to the wives and girlfriends of some of the top footballers.
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Our top 10 wags include:

10. Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is a name known all over the globe. Once a musician and a part of the famous Spice Girls group, Victoria has been in the lime light as retired footballer David Beckham’s wife, actress and fashion designer among other titles.

9. Georgina Dorsett
At Tom Cleverly’s corner is an outstanding lady. Georgina Dorsett is the girlfriend to this Manchester United midfielder. Her fame stated weigh before this as a model and a TV actor in the program, ‘Jersy Shore’.


8. Yolanthe Sneijder
The Spanish have a way of attracting all the good attention. Born in Ibiza, Spain, Yolanthe Kasbergen rose to become one of the most famous television stars. Once named as the hottest Dutch woman, Yolanthe began to date one of the best Dutch football players, Wesley Sneijder. This relationship eventually led to the two wedding.


7. Lena Gercke
Lena Gercke is not a stranger to the lime light. Being both a television sensation and an outstanding model, she was named the winner of the very first season of Germany’s Top Model. Her relationship with Real Madrid’s midfielder Sami Khedira elevated her popularity and made her fall into our top 10.


6. Alex Curran Gerrard
Alex Curran is wife to one lucky footballer, Steven Gerrard since the year 2007. Having a sense of style, Alex is a models as well as a fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror. Always dressed to impress, seeing her dress down is sight yet to be beheld. Added to her success story is her very own fragrance known as ‘Alex.’


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5. Irina Shayk
ex-girlfriendto one of the most celebrated footballer, Christiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk has been part of the audience every time Christiano is playing. If you are talking of support, then this is it.


4. Shakira
Not only does she have a successful music career, Shakira is the wife to renowned Barcelona football player, Gerard Piqué. Shakira was born in Columbia in a town known as Barranquilla. Currently leaving in Barcelona, Shakira and Gerard are blessed with one child. She is considered by many as one of the hottest women thank to her flexible curvaceous body and musical voice.

3. Alessia Ventura
Alessia Ventura is the wife to Filippo Inzaghi a retired football player. Her exposure to the lime light begun with her career as an Italian model, moving on to be a dancer and television personality.


2. Lorena Bernal
No stranger to the public, Lorena Bernal is a frequent sight on your TV set. Maybe you have seen her in a television show or two. This famous Argentinean actress is not only known for her outstanding talent, but also as the wife of the famous Arsenal captain, Mikel Artetea.

1. Sara Carbonerao
Famous for being a Spanish sports reporter, Sara Carbonero had the light shinning upon her when her boyfriend, Iker Casillas kissed her in a stadium full of spectators.


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