The Handbags Trends of 2013


Like humans, there are also various types of bags. If humans are like Arab nations, Africa, Europe, and Asian there are also many kinds and brands of bags like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others. However, this topic is focused on the most trending bag in 2013 .

One of the brand is hobo . Hobo usually large in size , crescent shaped and has a handle that is long enough to be attached to the shoulder . Use a soft and flexible material . Beautiful and charming designs are very suitable for teens .

Additionally, Hula Hoop Chanel Handbag inspired by Karl Lagerfeld has a very innovative artwork and quite practical for everyday use . This kind of handbag is very trending because it is very suitable to go anywhere with it. Normally, this kind of handbag is used in the summer because the color is quite striking in the summer .

Next, many men now prefer to style camera bag . This is so because these bags are very simple and small, suitable for those who prefer to ride a motorcycle. In addition, this bag is also very suitable to be worn when playing sports such as jogging.

One of the current trends in the summer is kind of Gucci bags vintage jackie. Quite the contrast colors on this bag are very interesting to highlight a splash of color in clothing. Although most of these bags are manufactured with a fluffy material, but it is an outstanding choice to wear in the summer. Some users may use this bag in a formal situation such as the office or formal occasions.

Holdall bag type, the most suitable for the long journey. This bag is the evolution of the travel bag. Although seen as less convincing designs, large and very ugly, this bag also features a classic style and understated depending on user preferences.

For “Newboys” fashion fans, there is also “Newboys” bag. This bag has long been produced but was renewed with a modern style. This type of bag is indeed vintage from time immemorial as the Titanic.Namun so, its less formal characteristics makes it very attractive for casual and daily use. This bag is very popular among teenagers who are still in school.


And last but not least , the evolution of the old -style urban style make messenger bag is very trending in men. This bag actually has long existed in this era but it has recently been trending since most companies bag manufacturers produce this kind of bag in a very attractive and suitable for all ages . This bag is also suitable displayed in casual or formal .

Okay , so that’s all for now. There are many bags on the market now that serve the consumer frenzy. The passage of time makes this bag fashion progresses gradually from year to year. Hopefully, readers gain useful information through this article . I am looking forward to write more useful articles for the benefit of the readers. I hope we are able to share more knowledge about luggage trends later.


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