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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Keep Wild Animals as Pets

If you like an adventure in the woods or forest, you are likely to meet wild animals that you would like to carry home...

How Does a Male Lion Attract a Female Mate ?

Lions are the only truly sociable wild cats living in groups known as prides. Unlike the cats males and female do not have to...

Unexpected moment when tiger walking into store

What would you do if you went for shopping to the local shop in your neighborhood and had to do your shopping with an...

Watch This Amazing Guy Playing Football With Wild Lions

Many of you have probably heard by now about the amazing Kevin Richardson, and seen him playing football with actual lions in the wild....

Top 10 Best Zoos In The World

10. Zoo Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
Here are the top 10 best zoos in the world with their names, locations, and a brief description. We hope that they peek your...