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Awesome Show Incredible Magic and Unique Performance

Incredible Magic And Unique Performance By The Magic Trio , The magic trio seems to do an incredible show. They got talent that keeps...

3 Ways to Drift a Car , Technique and Tricks

Car drifting can be both exciting and dangerous. It is a technique whereby the drier over-steers the car intentionally, resulting to loss of traction...

Fast and Easy Methods for Peeling Garlic

Peeling garlic is not a day at the park for most cooks because it can be very time consuming. Garlic has an unmistakable smell...

How Does He Do It ?

Stevie Pink, a 42 years old illusionist, seems to have many tricks up his sleeve and he managed to astonish us with his shocking...

Dynamo Amazing Magic Trick on Lindsay Lohan

When talking about impossible magic, only one name comes along with it: Dynamo. One of the greatest magicians of today’s time, he can perform...