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Watch iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy In Coca-Cola Test

Just another day saw an interesting video which has to be one of the Iphone test viral video I have ever seen. An iPhone...

Top 10 Best Smartphone Cameras 2014

Point-and-shoot cameras are getting replaced at a high rate by new Smartphone cameras. As technology is quickly advancing, new brands of phones with new...

New Samsung Galaxy S5

After months of speculation, Samsung has finally announced the release of the Galaxy S5; Samsung’s update to its flag-ship Android device, the Galaxy S5....

Top 10 Best Android Smartphone Phones of 2014

Android phones are being improved with every passing day and within regular intervals, you get to see a new android smart phone by the...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the chief passionately projected Smartphone and serves as an ever preferable device from the Korean brand. Flooding of peak...