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Top 3 Reasons Dubsmash Is So Popular App

Everyone has those all-time favorite movie scenes and music videos that they keep recreating in their minds, when bored or even when taking a...

Watch iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy In Coca-Cola Test

Just another day saw an interesting video which has to be one of the Iphone test viral video I have ever seen. An iPhone...

TV Talk Show Guest Blooper Moments

these days there's so many new series match games popping up on local channels or satellite television networks or online streaming services every day...

5 Ways To Prevent SMS Fraud and Scam

The amount of spam text messages sent out everyday to cellphone users keeps on increasing everyday. Reports show that this criminal activity is gaining...

Do Young Couples Need Privacy From Each Other ?

Marriage is a beautiful institution and probably one of the most important that any adult could have. To have a successful marriage, one needs...

New Samsung Galaxy S5

After months of speculation, Samsung has finally announced the release of the Galaxy S5; Samsung’s update to its flag-ship Android device, the Galaxy S5....

Motorola Moto X Smartphone Review

Smartphones are not very smart. This is what many phone makers have said innumerable times as they introduce features that separate their handsets from...

Leather or silicone or Aluminum Iphone 5 case covers

Leather and silicone iPhone 5 case covers have become extremely popular as it retains the slim look of the phone along with providing a good...