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3 Ways To Be Funny Personality

Being funny is a talent; it’s an art that brings happiness in lives of people. Without humor, there is no meaning to life and...

3 Tips To Be Funny And Make People Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. One of the best ways to become a popular guy is to make others laugh. When we laugh, good...

3 Ways To Prank Your Friends

We all love our friends. I just wish that they weren't prone to getting so big-headed. A few pranks here and there are a...

Best Flour Hair Dryer Funny Prank

Do you have a pesky sister or annoying female roommate? You know, the type to wake up extra early and blast their hair dryer...

Funny Chainsaw Wake Up Prank

The threatening sound of a fake chainsaw is sometimes what you need to wake up. The fake chainsaw prank is a recently released video...