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iPhone X and iPhone 8 Everythin You have to Know

After months of speculations and rumors, the new iPhones are finally here. iPhone x and iPhone 8 are the new iPhones from Apple that...

Watch iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy In Coca-Cola Test

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge New Features Compare With iPhone

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3 Tips To Save an iPad From Water Damage

In this day and age it is almost impossible to live without a mobile phone. Come to think of it this gadget makes life...

Top 10 Best Smartphone Cameras 2014

Point-and-shoot cameras are getting replaced at a high rate by new Smartphone cameras. As technology is quickly advancing, new brands of phones with new...

Uber App Review

In today’s world, speed is essential, and you have to move fast to keep up with the events of everyday. Uber is making that...