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Top 3 Ways Dance Can Make People Happier

In this day and age, people are living unhappy lives due to everyday stress of trying to make ends meet. No matter how hard...

Story Behind Buzzed Shared Photo’s In Social Media

Recently we see photo's of a guy with a lot of girls and young women in social networks like Facebook or telegram app or...

3 Reason Some Girls Known as Gold Diggers

The power of love has remained iconic since the inception of humanity. It is interesting to note that most relationship do not thrive because...

Top 3 Safety Tips For Women and Girls

As a female, have you ever been intimidated or frightened when walking alone? Have you ever wondered how you can protect yourself if approached...

Should Men Wear Makeup to Look Attractive

Generally, no one should have the need to wear make up just to look attractive; make up is only used to enhance the beauty,...

Top 4 Most Flirting Mistakes you make

Liking somebody and to be able to express your liking in a positive manner without coming off like a total creep is very important....

Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking!

This video of a guy picking up girls in his Lamborghini without saying a single word shows off a number of different "Life Truths". First...