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Top 3 Reasons Dubsmash Is So Popular App

Everyone has those all-time favorite movie scenes and music videos that they keep recreating in their minds, when bored or even when taking a...

Watch iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy In Coca-Cola Test

Just another day saw an interesting video which has to be one of the Iphone test viral video I have ever seen. An iPhone...

Top 10 Best Smartphone Cameras 2014

Point-and-shoot cameras are getting replaced at a high rate by new Smartphone cameras. As technology is quickly advancing, new brands of phones with new...

Moto 360 : The future of Android smartwatches

Recently Motorola held a live Hangout with Jim Wicks who is the main designer of the Moto 360 Android Wear based Smart watch. The...

Top 10 Best Android Smartphone Phones of 2014

Android phones are being improved with every passing day and within regular intervals, you get to see a new android smart phone by the...

Uber App Review

In today’s world, speed is essential, and you have to move fast to keep up with the events of everyday. Uber is making that...

Motorola Moto X Smartphone Review

Smartphones are not very smart. This is what many phone makers have said innumerable times as they introduce features that separate their handsets from...

5 Best Cheapest Android Phones Under $300

Within a very short duration, HTC has been able to establish itself as a top brand in the cell phone communication field. HTC  is...