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3 Tips to Become a Better Cinema Actress

There is always an actress who will step on the stage & steal the entire show. They’re such a great actress that they are...

3 Reasons People Often Stay Single

One thing that is constant with time is change. The way we do many things continue to change. Sometimes it's deliberately and sometimes the...

Top 5 Tips To Learn English Faster

Learning a new language is an exciting experience. One may choose to learn a language for fun, for school purposes or work related reasons....

3 Ways To Become a Movie and TV Actor

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous actor? Maybe you have enjoyed acting in your school plays, or have joined a local acting...

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Born in the state of California, Cameron Diaz is both an actress and a model. Initially, she began as a model at the tender...

how actors do crying scenes in movies

If one was asked to produce tears within the next few seconds, could it be done? For actors to physically produce tears is a very...