Watch This Amazing Dancer and Beautiful Performance


The Mahomet Seymour High School’s dance squad from Mahomet, Illinois doesn’t need music to tell the story they want people to hear! So, during one of their performances at a game, they managed to surprise everyone present and escape from the monotonous modern music routines everyone else is putting up these days.

The team created an amazing choreography using only a spoken word poem named ‘What Are You Afraif Of?’ by Jon Jorgenson, a writer, actor and creator of ideas, who approaches in his art sensitive themes that everyone goes through at one point or another, such as fear, death and religion. Completing the poem with the beautiful art of dancing, the teenagers managed to transmit a beautiful and inspiring message not only to the people who saw the performance live, but also to some of us who didn’t get the pleasure to be there.

The girls sent a powerful story through movement and a creative and meaningful choreography perfectly shaped around Jon Jorgenson’s poem about fear. Everyone who watched them could relate to their story and was brought to tears by the amazing words and mesmerizing dancing. Even though it wasn’t a dynamic and creative performance, such as one would expect from a dance squad nowadays, people were impressed by the emotions and work invested in this dance.

Firstly a story about fear, everything takes a turn around: the clothes of the dancers change from a hopeless black to immaculate white and the tone of the poem transforms from a fearful speech to an expression of victory and conquer over fear. These teenagers, though not above high school age, succeed in teaching us that it is not fear who controls our lives, but it is us that can control the fear, by letting compassion and empathy and hope and love do their work.



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