3 Dance Tips for Guys


Men who don’t know how to dance fear dancing and will always flinch and get jitters when asked to do so.Even if dancing is generally not simple for men compared with ladies,it does not mean that guys shouldn’t even shake their legs.

There is no need to keep on avoiding dance floors and dance halls, just because you lack experience in dancing. Nobody was born dancing and all you need to do is practice.Here are some tips that will help you practice in a good way, and make the right moves the next time you are called to the dance floor.

(i)Positioning of the head

When dancing,you need to position your head the right way.It is important that you always dance with your head held up high and avoid watching your legs when dancing.Head movements are discouraged in dancing because they can make you look weird and nervous.In case you are on the dance floor with your partner,it’s good to look directly into your partner’s eyes.This may prove hard at the beginning but once you have mastered it,you will find it really enjoyable.

(ii)Let your moves be simple

There is no need of trying to look like a rock star by adopting moves that are far beyond your capacity.This will be areal joke and will only make you someone’s laughing stock.Simple and direct moves when performed with confidence can work wonders.It’s good to start with simple moves before proceeding to those that are a preserve for experts.

(iii)Relax when performing

Keeping yourself relaxed is very important.If you constantly fear or get extremely conscious of every move you make,you will most likely make mistakes in your dance.In addition, if you try to make yourself the center of all the jokes and attention,you may end up not performing your level best.It’s good therefore to avoid getting conscious of what others think about your moves and instead try to relax and simply focus on your dance.

(iv)Have a number of moves

It is good to have several moves which you can mix up in order to be really impressive on the dance floor.Sticking to one move throughout the session is boring.Instead,try to adopt different moves depending on the rhythm and beat of the music.Even as you do this,refrain from trying moves that are too far beyond your capacity.

By considering these tips,you will be able to have an easy time on the dance floor even if you are a beginner.Never again should you flinch or fear at the mention of the word dance.With proper and consistent practice,you will go far in your dancing endeavors.


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