Emotional New Zealand Haka Wedding Dance Video


Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong were set to get married amidst the usual happiness and cheer when they witnessed one of the most amazing Haka dance performances. The video shows a moving and emotional dance performed by the groomsmen at a wedding reception in Auckland, New Zealand.

Video IPTBT/Westone Productions

This video was shared by the groom’s friends and has gone viral throughout the world due to the extraordinary emotions conveyed during the dance. People who regularly follow soccer would know that New Zealand players always perform a Haka before the match begins. The tradition of Haka dance is followed by the Maori tribe who formally used this dance to intimidate their opponents. With vivid and extravagant expressions, this dance conveys a strong message. The exaggerated expressions and body slapping with aggressive movements and chants certainly goes in sync with a war cry.
Haka is quite common in New Zealand and is often performed for showing respect towards someone. In the video the groomsmen perform the dance to show their respect towards the couple i.e. Aaliyah and Benjamin. Aaliyah clarifies that people may confuse the dance as an intimidation for the groom but actually they are his friends and family who are paying respect to the wedding couple through this emotional gesture. The Kiwi lyrics present the groom with a message of perseverance, challenge, struggle and achievement. The lyrics are deep and present excellent counsel to males. It is often performed at weddings, 21st Birthday, graduations etc. to guide the adolescent male in his new journey.
Aaliyah says that she was brought to tears when she saw such a heartfelt performance. Benjamin can be seen watching in amazement as his friends and family performed the Haka to welcome him. Haka is generally not done by women under the Maori culture but when it is performed at weddings or celebrations then they are allowed to join. The bridesmaid joins the dance followed by the bride who wanted to reciprocate the immense love and respect. The groom also joins shortly and is later seen greeting his friends and family by touching foreheads as per the Maori tradition. The groom’s brother along with his best man choreographed the dance and it was recorded by Westone Productions Limited which is owned by Benjamin’s cousins.


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