What This Man Does With Toothpaste Will Surprise You !


Dentists and oral-hygiene enthusiasts will want to gather around for this display. Artist Cristiam Ramos has an incredibly unique use for toothpaste. If you guessed that he uses it as a replacement for traditional paint, you are correct.

In the video, the artist creates a completely realistic and life-like portrayal of late actor and comedian Robin Williams using nothing other than different brands and colors of toothpaste.
He employs a brush or his fingers to apply the toothpaste to the canvas and the level of control and precision he is able to achieve with the medium is enough to blow your mind. His impressive skills and approach to art make watching him paint more than a standard session of watching a talented painter perform their craft.
It is no wonder that this video has quickly gone viral. Nearly anyone you could ask would tell you that they enjoy art and surely many would also be a bit surprised when they found out that such nice-looking art could come out of such regular, every-day materials.
When we think of successful artists, we typically conjure up images of stark-looking creative people with expensive smocks, fine brushes and expensive, hand-stretched canvases. Mr. Ramos and his work stand in stark opposition to that presumption.
One critique that could be leveraged against the modern art movement is that it takes itself too seriously and doesn’t allow itself enough time to be relaxed, different and fun. Ramos’ work defies this old-thinking paradigm with strokes of brilliance that originate in nothing but the finest oral care hygeine products. If would be a one-upper if, for his next piece, instead of using paint brushes, use a toothbrush only to apply the toothpaste to the canvas. Have a look at the video and see if it doesn’t get you inspired to do something artistically different today.



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