Sad Moment Cat Trying To Revive its Friend


Animals are often more sensitive than they seem, their bonds and relations are not predetermined or well thought and they simply have affection towards each other as a fellow living being.

Cats, who are often ridiculed for being emotionless are one of the most emotional animals as it has been observed over the years. This video shows a cat trying to revive or bring back its dead friend. It is seen that the cat tries various things to make his friend come alive but none are successful. The emotions of cats are often misinterpreted by people as excited or angry while they may be trying to convey something entirely different.

Cats are solitary animals but they can and do live in groups along with other cats this is often a paradox for humans who need groups to function but it’s quite simple for cats in the manner that they only stay with other animals when they want to. While dogs may be led by peer pressure cats only do what they want to, thus when a cat bonds with another human or cat or animal it is only because of his or her choice. This video shows how much the animal suffers when it loses someone whom they liked.

Since the feelings of a cat are of their own and not driven by a sense of society, these feelings come with a deep understanding and compassion. Hence, cats who become friends are often found together and very rarely seen indulging in fights. As a matter of fact cats prefer to avoid any confrontation as much as they can. The cat in the video seems to be deeply depressed at the loss of his friend and chooses to stay by the dead body trying again and again in hopes that the friend will wake up once again.


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