Watch Bride Last Dance With Father in Hospital Bed


Celebrating All social events, especially weddings, bring the loved ones together and allows them to share in each others happiness. However, what happens in this viral YouTube video goes beyond that as portrays love and compassion for a dying father.

The bride decided to give her father the best time of his life; a lovely dance that was so emotional that the bride shed tears. When the bride and the bridegroom enter the room, they first greet the bride’s father, who is in bed and under life support machine. After greeting her dad, the bride went ahead to remove the inhaler and kissed her father with a wide smile written all over her face. All this time, the other family members stood beside them cheering. Then the dance commenced.

Even though her father could not rise from the bed, his hands were strong enough to swing along. The bride took him by the hands and begun to dance. The ecstatic dance was so touching and moving that even the bridegroom started recording them as they danced. Swiftly, the bride rotates, lets go off one of his dad’s hand, and goes back to hold it and swing in a slow, soothing rhythm. You’d think they had rehearsed for the dance.

Not long after they started dancing, everyone in the room was in tears of joy. They were witnessing the love the bride has for her father. As they danced, friends and family, even young children watched with great admiration. Everyone knew the old loving father would finally succumb to the illness that kept him in intensive care unit, but this did not stop them from showing their solidarity in his last moments.

The video is very inspiring, one that shows how great it is to have a family so united that they can come together at such a hard time. There is much to being loving than money and gold, or so the cliche goes. The bride truly loved her father, and the emotional dance video is enough to show that. It is absolutely one of the most generous and inspirational actions in the world.


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