GTA Truck Drivers on European Highway


Nowadays it seems that truck drivers have their traffic laws and regulations, a polemic video is been revolutionizing the networks, the two minutes min video shows how four GTA trucks drivers are driving counter flow in a European highway.

They violating a large number of laws and rules, putting in danger the life of hundreds of people in the road, during the video you can notice how one of the suspect men that drives a large yellow truck gets off to guide the following truck that immediately takes the opposite direction where it came from, then you can notice how three more repeat the action. Traffic camera had filmed the entire dubious event.

People have interacted in the social media and different networks about this and you would be surprise with the amount of comments that you can read about it, some are agreed pleading that road systems are in bad conditions and drivers are now force to do that kind of infraction or making fun of it affirming is a cultural thing, others are offended with the effrontery of the drivers and their irresponsibility with the community, and how they outwit the authorities system, however, the majority did ask where the traffic police and relatives were? The reason still unknown.

Moreover, the European Commission have published the statistics of the road fatalities occurred since 2001, the biggest number was in 2011, when 30.000 people died, (the equivalent of a medium town), and for every death on Europe’s roads there are estimated 4 disabling injuries such as brain damage or spinal cord. In 2014 the number reduces to 25.700 people deaths.

Currently the European Union is working on a Road Safety Target that estimated to reduce this number to half in the year 2020, pleading that approximately 900 lives could be save every year, reports showed that countries like Spain and Latvia made the most notorious progress preventing deaths on the roads.



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