Celebrate Your Wedding With Drift Show


Every day around the world thousands of people are celebrating weddings and a common question is “How can we spice up our wedding?” Well, there is a new craze coming out around the globe that involves using a drifting car. It is called a Drift Show. The big question is what is a Drift Show and how do I put one into my wedding?

What Is a Drift Show

Drift shows involves a car doing a one hundred and eighty degree drift during or after the wedding. There are two common drift styles. The happy couple can either ride in the vehicle as it drifts around or they can go for a little danger and have the car drift around them. This is of course more invigorating and will entertain your guest far more than just watching you ride around in a car drifting in circles.


How Do I Add This to My Wedding

Adding a drift car to your wedding is not as difficult as it sounds. There are numerous services starting to pop up around the globe with professional drifters who will drive the car for you. The real challenge is finding where you’re going to have the show at. Some people have used yards or even done it where the actual wedding happened but the most extreme ones so far are done on the interstate. People have taken their wedding party onto a busy interstate and blocked traffic, allowing the drift car and happy couple to celebrate in the middle of the road with a massive (usually unfriendly) audience.



Simply put this is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your wedding, but safety does become a concern the more daring you get with it. People love this as a wedding idea especially fans of the Fast and Furious series. So, while it is a blast always remember to be safe and have a Happy Wedding Day!


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