Cristiano Ronaldo Plays as Homeless Man and Showing His Skills


Celebrated Real Madrid’s football player, Christiano Ronaldo ditched his celebrity persona and decided to pull a stunt on the unaware Spanish public as a homeless man.

He successfully managed to disguise himself with unkempt brunette wig, thick bed-wrangled fake beard, wiry moustache and a fat suit which was then covered with grey jogging pants, a dark grey hood and some oversized shades.Not forgetting that instead of the usual well-shaped models on his arm, this time he had a little white dog with him. With his new unrecognized look Christiano then hit the busy streets of Spanish and showed off his amazing footwork without anyone recognizing him.

He is able to pull off his funny stunt for over forty five minutes without anyone being in the know that they were in the company of one of the best soccer players in the soccer sport world. He tries approaching several passersby just to get their reaction and attention but they all shrug him off. A few people indulge with him while passing by and others stand entertained by his amazing football tricks. He even tries to get the phone number of a girl passing by, but he is politely rejected considering his hobo appearance.

After nearly an hour of pulling his prank on people he is able to convince a small boy to play a one-on-one game with him. The young boy shows of his dribbling skills, Christiano decides not to outsmart the young boy and asks for the boys name where he signs the ball they were playing with. Christiano finally decides to reveal his real identity, shocking the young boy and also changing the reaction of the crowd that had gathered to watch the homeless man show off his footwork. He then gifts the signed ball to the young boy while the crowd outburst uproar at the real Madrid globally celebrated superstar.


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