Smith Big Surprise Wedding Dance


Every wedding is unique and every couple strives to make it just that! The focus of almost every wedding lies on the first dance between the bride and the groom. It is after all one of the first steps that a couple takes after they tie the knot.Once the first dance is out of the way the wedding festivities begin in full swing.

Most couples find themselves overwhelmed in all the wedding activities. One particular bride however had other things on her agenda. She wowed the crowd in a really unique manner.
Mrs Smith and her bridesmaids took to the the dance floor in style. As a catchy number started playing, the bride and her best girls all dressed in blue began their moves while seated at the table. The video goes on to show each bridesmaid getting up while shaking her head to the beat. The dance floor is soon occupied by Mrs Smith and her five smiling bridesmaids. Starting out in a single file, their hip hop dance leads them across the floor in a variety of very cool moves and a number of different formations. Needless to say, the center of every formation is the beautiful bride. Even the camera man in the background can be seen having a hard time catching up with their fast dance steps.
For all those of you who think that this is just another routine wedding video. You will find that these gorgeous ladies have a very special surprise in the end. As the grande finale of the video shows that the bridesmaids have color coded their attire in a really extreme manner. Wondering how? Well… Each girl displays her underwear which has a letter printed on it! Why? The answer is simple… Put all the letters together to read S-M-I-T-H! What a novel way to tell the world that you have changed your name!


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