The Amazing Wedding Penguin Dance Ever


You may think its a totally different part of the world- the air saturated with glamour, beauty and a soothing radiance of a stylish fauna-like team of dancers, gracing a wedding occasion of its kind; a penguin dance!

Well, It is said that the origin of this dance is from the conservative Saudi Arabian nation. And, In this fast transforming society of ours, people especially youth seem to bring back the ‘seemingly-old-fashioned’ cultures and ways into a new perspective. Wherever you go, you will not miss a new amazement that will leave you mesmerized exemplified by this out of the blues, contagious and increasingly popular dance. You will long for more of it, and wishing the wedding would be yours.

With the accelerating popularity of the dance, perhaps you may wonder how it is being done. Hold your peace. Lets have a look.

– As you commence, your left foot should kick to the left, then step right back to the center.
-Then, your right foot should likewise kick to the right, then step right back to the center.
– Take a bunny hop few inches forward with both feet.
– Again, a few inches, take a backward bunny hop with both your feet.
– Finally, with both your feet, hop forward three times

That isn’t enough though. You should do repeated cycles of the above steps till you are gasping for breath or until your body demands your attention owing to the torment.

Robed in penguin- like suits and outfits; preferably for the leader, the dancers dance to the musical tune. In a while, the groom and his bride can’t wait for any invitation to join the team, perhaps maybe, due to the captivating mood of it all! And, not so long, the entire invited guests are swept over as they try to catch up with the thrilling rhythm. For you, get mechanical too!


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