Ridiculous Soccer Player Own Goal


As a defender or any other player of a soccer team, you are to keep balls out from entering your own net. You owe that to your teammates, your fans watching by the stands, your coach sweating by the touchline and to your own reputation. However, if you are going to ever score an own goal, please make sure it is not a highly important match.

Andres Escobar the famous Argentinean player murder for scoring an own goal against his team would feel cheated, if he ever gets to watch these female soccer player’s goal against her team—at least he was not on his feet when the ball entered the net.

Hammarby-backen football team were playing away at Årets självmål, things got a little bit scrappy at the back, a little tension hipped by the home team on the visiting side got the first goal of the encounter as a result of scrappy defending. The No20 jersey player of the visiting side must have thought she was facing her opponent’s goal post—see the video to confirm her thoughts.

A long attacking pass to the back line of the away side, a defender out of pressure, passed the ball quickly to the goalkeeper. Like a doom, looming and bound to happen, she also could not get a proper clearance—due to pressure also, I suspect; but this is soccer and opponent’s pressures are part of the game. The ball spun backwards heading towards the net, and to her joy and to the delight of her teammates and fans by the stands; there was a No20 jersey to save the day. You guessed it! She let them all down. She played the ball into her own net in such a way that even if her goalkeeper was standing between the goal post, she would stand no chance. She scored the goal to her own net while standing on her feet.


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