Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Backheel Goal !


Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the most talented player of this era. The way he plays shows beyond reasonable doubt that he has mastered the art of playing football. His skills on the pitch are outstanding to say the least.His style of playing has always kept the fans entertained and are always left with anticipation on what he will do next, this particular match went to show just how the man himself oozes confidence whenever he is on the pitch.

Scoring such a magnificent goal requires skill and precision as well as superb timing. Not many football players have what it takes to nail such a breath taking shot. Such a shot requires the player to anticipate where the ball will be and therefore position himself properly in order to executive the shot perfectly. What is intriguing about Cristiano is his ability to try the not so obvious shots, not only does he nail them, but also leaves the fans baffled at his prowess. He makes it look effortless.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best definition of “talent at its best.” There are only a few people who can play as good as him and that is a known fact. Only a few people can match his skills and ability to dribble through opponents with ease. In order to be a great soccer player, you need to enjoy the game, play from the heart, and that’s exactly what Cristiano does.

He gives it his all whenever he plays and this is evident with the way he handles himself in the pitch. Cristiano is fast, quick at thinking, unpredictable, and to top it all of, he has the confidence to go with it. He has proved that he has a lot up his sleeves and this has made him a favorite among the fans. It is with no doubt that he will be gracing the pitch for a few more years.


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