Watch How This Brilliant Driver Save Truck From flipping !


The truck driver in this video does an exceptional job of keeping control of his rig, when a storm brought high winds across the road and nearly flipped his trailer. Having been a trucker for some time, I can tell you that he was a brilliant driver. I have no doubt that his heart was in his throat while this was going on. But it appears he was a professional driver, who obviously didn’t panic and kept a cool head.

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As often happens when a storm comes up, the wind starts to gust. A semi trailer can sometimes be unstable anyway. Just because it my not have been properly loaded. When the wind whips against the side of a trailer, it really affects the way the truck handles. Once the wind caught the trailer and started pushing it over at the top, the load may shift, which could result in the weight being redistributed. That can cause the trailer to act as it it were top heavy. Which is what it appears may have happened here. Luckily the truck was being driven by someone who didn’t panic, and realized what he had to do to right the truck.

Had the driver panicked, or turned the wheel the wrong direction he would probably have flipped the truck. It is surprising that the truck did not go over as it was, with the extreme list on the trailer. A less professional driver would probably have freaked out when he felt the truck tipping.



The whole ordeal lasted less than thirty seconds. I’ll bet it felt like two hours to the driver. When things like this happen, everything seems to take place in slow motion. It feels like impending doom. Unfortunately, when that slow motion effect happens, it seldom ends well. In most cases someone gets hurt or a serious accident occurs. In addition to being a brilliant driver, he was extremely lucky. As it worked out he may have to pay a farmer for a few yards of fencing. But he can probably just drive himself back onto the road and continue his trip, with little delay.

After he changes his pants, of course.


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