Eurovision 2014 final – Conchita Wurst’s win song contest


The Eurovision Song Contest is a musical spectacle bringing together representatives of each country to perform and compete. Each country holds their own selection process to find the act that they feel has the best chance to succeed. The countries with the best acts then compete against each other in what is often described as the campest show on Earth. The show is often laced with politics too as each country votes for their neighbors and allies, giving fewer points to their European enemies. The shows commentary and videos and to the overall excitement, humor and extravagance of the show. The Eurovision 2014 contest, hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, did not disappoint in terms of the camp stakes. It also had a generous serving of comedy, eccentricity, politics and glamor. The concert performances offered variety like no other show in the world.

Photo Credit : / Eurovision Song Contest
Photo Credit : / Eurovision Song Contest

There were some surprises in the 59th Eurovision Song Contest too, not least that the UK, famous for being awarded ‘nil points’, came in at a respectable 17th position with 40 points for the song ‘Children of the Universe’. The Netherlands came in at second and Sweden got a well deserved third place. winner was announced as Austrian singer, Conchita Wurst. The singer has gained a lot of media and public interest in the weeks leading up to the annual singing competition and has been dubbed ‘The Bearded Lady’. The singer, whose real name is Tom Neuworth, sang ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’. The act scored an amazing total of 290 points. This was a huge lead on the nearest rivals as the Netherlands had scored just 238 in comparison. In fact, the lead was so great that Conchita was declared the winner before the final three countries had even submitted their score.


Such was the singer’s popularity prior to the contest that Austria were tipped to be hot contenders with only Sweden ranking above the Austrian act in the betting stakes. However, not every country was a fan. Russia and the Ukraine tried to ban the singer from entering the competition. Despite their protests, Ukraine awarded Conchita 8 points and Russia gave the act 5 points.This is not only a special event for Conchita Wurst, but also for the whole of Austria. The country have not won the Eurovision Song Concert since 1966. Also. This is only Austria’s second entry in the final in the last ten years. On previous occasions they either did not enter or they didn’t qualify for the final. It is estimated that 120 million tuned in to witness Austria’s victory.


Finishing in pole position is a new concept for Conchita as second place is something the act is more familiar with. Conchita Wurst’s rise to fame began in 2006 in Starmania, finishing in second place. Conchita again finished second place in an Austrian talent show called Die Große Chance. Conchita made a bid to perform in the 2012 Eurovision Song Concert, but again finished second in the votes. An internal decision was made by ORF, an Austrian national broadcaster, that Conchita Wurst would be the representative of Austria in Eurovision 2014. This decision caused some controversy in Austria.


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