Really Cool and Interesting Bungee Jumping


If you haven’t seen it yet, then you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes watching the Mr. Dew “Human Bungee Slingshot – Human Catapult!” video. Not only is it a fantastic and hilarious clip, but it’s got wonderfully catchy music. Honestly, the first time you watch it, you may not even be aware that it is an advertisement for anything, and that’s part of its magic, as I’ll explain in a moment. But first, to the video itself.

The premise is simple: Get a bunch of young, handsome and pretty twenty somethings in a large field and a party-like atmosphere. Arrange a length of bungee cord to two poles planted deep in the field to ensure sturdiness. To these, attach a harness, and to the harness, attach one of the pretty or handsome twenty-somethings.

Once this is in place, hook the harnessed twenty-something up to a golf cart and start driving away from the poles onto which the bungee cord is attached. Tension in the cord rises as the cart drives farther and farther away, and the crowd begins to “Ohhhh!” in appreciation, and then….release.

When the harness is released from the back of the cart, the young handsome pretty twenty-something goes sailing into space, headed for the hill and treeline in the distance, but of course, the bungee keeps him or her from actually getting that far, and then they’re snapped back toward the crowd, which is busy cheering the high flyer on, and taking video and pics with their cell phones.

The ride ends in perhaps 90 seconds, then someone else gets a turn, and of course as the game continues, people find new and inventive ways of jazzing up their “ride.” Some wear capes. Some try to eat pizza while being slung through the air, and (not surprisingly) some try to drink a cool, refreshing Mt. Dew.

It’s almost, but not quite a kind of guerrilla marketing campaign. One part flash mob, one part underground marketing, but however you describe it, it’s 100% brilliant. You can’t help yourself. You’re drawn to push that play button again and watch those crazy kids take turns flying through the air, and oh but wouldn’t a Mt. Dew be just the thing to quench your thirst while you’re watching?

It’s probably one of the most amazing and effective ads I’ve ever seen, mostly because it combines elements of social marketing with the ad itself, making them a seamless whole. I’m not even terribly fond of Dew, and I think I’m going to go get one right now!


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