How Do Some People Get So Lucky in Life ?


Life is an unique journey where people constantly strive for realization of their goals and attainment of success.But there are some people who apparently appear to be above all the hardships in life.They enjoy a life with great professional and personal happiness and live a perfect life.While such kind of people are often perceived as being “lucky” the real secret behind their success is more than sheer luck.

Regardless of the fact that successful people are considered to be more lucky than the others, the real reason behind their success is actually their realistic approach to life and certain distinct practices which enable them to attain fulfillment in all their endeavors.Nothing in life is a coincidence and there is a perfectly logical reason behind every single action that takes place in the universe and people’s lives.For example a person may be considered lucky to be born in a certain family which has a great financial fortune, but if he is not intelligent enough to manage the money properly then all the wealth can be wasted.Hence below are some of the real reasons owing to which some people get the best of everything in life and are considered exceptionally lucky.Such people have these inherent characteristics.

1.They are hardworking and not vocal about it – One of the biggest universal truth is the fact that nothing in life is for free.There is nothing in the world which is attained just out of luck without having to work for it. People who enjoy a great career , stable relationships and are affluent actually work hard for it but are never vocal about their efforts.

2.They are always associated with positive people – One of the integral prerequisites which contribute towards the success of any endeavor is the presence of a positive spirit.Having positive thoughts and conviction is almost half the battle won. People who are considered lucky for having a successful life are not only positive themselves but also ensure that they are associated with positive people.

3.Avoid over thinking – One of the biggest problems which makes people drift away from realization of their goals is over thinking. Over thinking makes people shift their focus from important things and make them contemplate over multiple options which brings in nothing but confusion.People who are happy actually avoid over thinking and take every situation as it comes.Not only this helps them from getting unnecessarily stressed but also helps to have a clear mind that can solve any problem with utmost agility and effectiveness.


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4.Have crystal clear goals – People who are considered lucky actually do not get their success served on a platter but are able to succeed in their objectives due to their crystal clear goals.Not only do they have well defined objectives but they are also very clear how they can successfully fulfill their ambitions.

5.Have a realistic approach – People who experience great success in their lives and hence deemed as lucky by others are basically extremely realistic. They do not live in any make believe world and are practical enough to accept the imperfections of life.

6.Have set goals and are open to any challenges towards the realization of the goals – These people have very clear and specific goals and are flexible enough to accommodate and changes in the path towards the success and also open to face any Challenges that they might face.

7.Are resilient – People who are considered lucky are not immune to failure. Even they face difficulties and go through similar emotional lows like others. But they do not let any setback effect their enthusiasm and owing to their resilient spirit they ultimately emerge victorious.

8.Have tremendous self confidence – People who are successful essentially do not do different things but they do simple things differently. They always have tremendous self confidence and undertake every task without any dilemma or doubt about their capability.

9.Have an insatiable thirst to learn – One of the major reasons why some people succeed in everything that they do is the fact that they do not resist any situation and have an insatiable thirst to learn new things.This not only broadens their horizon and perspective but also equips them to handle any situation that they may be subject to in future.

10.Flexible – A major characteristic which differentiates people who are known for a better luck than the rest is actually the fact that they are clearly aware of the fact that life can never go on in the same way and hence do not have any stringent notions. On the contrary they are flexible and mold themselves in accordance to the situation.

11.Ambitious – Being ambitious is the first step towards a successful life.A person who is extremely ambitious and leaves no stones un turned to achieve it eventually succeeds in fulfilling his ambitions and that is the secret behind his favorable luck. There is nothing like being lucky or unlucky . One reaps the benefits of his own deeds . Hence having a strong ambition is a great motivating factor that leads to success rather than just good luck.

12. Live in the present and make the most out of time – People who are lucky actually have more than just luck to thank for their achievements.One such aspect is their absence of procrastination or wasting time thinking about the past or impending future. Such people believe in living in the present and have the ability to take maximum advantage of time.

Hence it can be safely concluded that apart from winning a lottery or just being born into a certain family nothing in life is purely determined by luck.People who achieve in life and are considered to be so lucky in reality have a more focused and realistic take on life owing to which reach the pinnacle of success both in their personal as well as professional life.



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