Signs that show you are addicted to Starbucks Coffee


Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee making corporations that produces high quality coffee for its customers. They have customers from all over and get completely swamped with orders during the cold season. Their coffee is so addictive to many people that disclaimers are sometimes put in order for them not to be made liable for any incident that occurs due to excessive consumption. There are many signs that show you are completely addicted to Starbucks. Yes, it is addictive. Many people are addicted to Starbucks’ coffee and drinks because of their sweet taste and quality flavors. Here are some of the signs.

Regular buying
You know you are addicted when you find yourself regularly buying Starbucks. It is always part of your shopping list and it comes first all the time. The different sachets that come with them make it convenient for you to buy at any store anywhere.

Regular consumption
Its addiction makes you want to consume it more than any other food or drink. This can be quite dangerous because you find yourself starving yourself of important meals in a day.

Meeting place
Every time you choose a meeting place for you and your friend you always choose Starbucks. You prefer meeting there each and every time so as to take your friend and introduce them to the drinks on offer.

Regular expense
It becomes a regular expense for you and you end up using like a certain percentage of your salary or income regularly on Starbucks. This can spoil or disrupt your budget for you and bring problems of finances.

Constant mentions
When with friends, family or even in the office you find yourself always mentioning Starbucks in your conversation. You can’t seem to miss a place to mention it no matter how serious the conversation.

Failing to admit you have a problem with Starbucks clearly shows you are addicted to it. You constantly refuse to acknowledge the fact it is affecting how you even think and work. This brings a lot of issues later.

Coffee cup and beans on a white background.

Having the smallest of information
You always seem to know what goes around in Starbucks, the latest coffee that they have brought into the market. The ones that have been phased out and the ones which make the highest and lowest sales, you are always informed and this is because you are constantly on the internet searching to see for the latest news. You are even aware of the free samples they give and offers that come with the different flavors.

Neglecting to watch your weight
You don’t even notice that your weight has drastically risen as a result of consuming too much. You neglect your body and continue taking the Starbucks products.

Finding it hard to stop the habit
You find it hard to stop this addiction. Each time you try to avoid Starbucks something just gets to you and you end up starting the whole process again. As much as you try to stop the habit there’s always something that seems to tempt you from that and you find it hard to stop.

When you don’t eat or drink the Starbuck meals for even a day you literally fall sick. This is because of always feeding your body with Starbucks drinks and each time you miss to do so you always seem to fall sick. This is a common occurrence and it has happened to most addicts. By the time it reaches to this level most of them try as hard as possible to really quit this habit but in reality the damage will have already been done.

Addiction can be a really bad thing because it is really hard to stop. The habit in itself is what should be avoided at all costs so as not to cause any future damage. People that are addicted to Starbucks’ drinks such as coffee are advised to take them moderately. Consumption should be just enough so as not to make it get used to the body system. Once you take up moderate cups of Starbuck coffee you won’t find yourself wanting to add more and more to your system. This will help in that when you want to stop all together, chances of getting sick after quitting will be slim to none.


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