25 best burgers in America


In America, the burger is the quintessential comfy food. There are currently 24-hour a day, seven days a week joints that sell burgers. It even gets better with the state of the art ovens which ensure that you get to enjoy you burger the best way you wish. Here are some 25 best burgers in the entire United States.

1. Double Cheeseburger

The Double Cheese burger is found at Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta, Georgia. This burger was developed by Linton Hopkins and in spite of his struggle with cancer; he never lost taste for this burger. At only $27, you get a burger topped with pickles, American cheese, homemade ketchup and onions.

2. Black Label

Minetta Tavern in the city of New York is the producer of this fantastic burger. A prime-aged is seasoned and cooked with clarified butter to develop an eye-catching exterior. It goes for $26.

3. Chargrilled Burger

This is arguably the best burger in The Spotted Pig, New York. Developed by April Bloomfield, the Chargrilled Burger is a half-pound of grilled beef, topped with stinky creamy Roquefort. It is more than worth the $24 price tag.

4. Big Devil

This is produced at Ray’s to the Third, in Arlington, Virginia. At $26, you get a 10-onnce burger that has looks. If you are the kind of a person who loves adventure, then you can top your with a roasted bone marrow, or foie gras.

5. Becon Cheeseburger

New York City seems to have specialized in burgers. Again it’s the Little owl, the country’s best burger joint according to The Guardian, serves the $26 richly and meaty burger.

6. Cheeseburger

This is the country’s simplest burger. With only two patties, the burger is beautifully simple and does not compromise in quality. Its patties are wonderfully, crusty, and the fries fried in lard. This makes it perfect in all dimensions and is worth the $24 it attracts.

7. Half-pound Niman Ranch Cheeseburger

The Mustard Grills in Napa, California are the producers of this wonderfully made, half pound burger. Being tasty and juicy, it is hard to resist. The burger comes at a mere $23.

Tasty cheeseburger with fried potatoes and cold drink,

8. Green Chile Cheeseburger

This wonderfully made burger is served at Bobcat Bite, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is New Mexico’s best burger created in 1956 by Mitzi Panzer. The burger has been praised by the Food Network, George Motz of Hamburger America, and Jane Stern of the Roadfood meaning that the burger has a lot to offer under its $22 price tag.

9. Cheeseburger

Gott’s Roadside in San Francisco, California serves this excellent burger. The burger is topped with tomatoes, lattuce, pickles, and American cheese and is worth only $20.

10. Jucy Lucy

Minneapolis’ Matt’s Bar make the very complex inside burger. This burger can blindfold you with its simple exterior but the inside is quite complex and Matt’s Bar seems to have mastered the art.

11. Cheeseburger

This cheeseburger made by the Husk in Charleston, South Carolina has a ridiculously tasty crust. It comes with three American cheese slices, pickles, white onions and a secret special sauce that makes the burger unique and worth the $25.

12. Truffled Cheeseburger

Palena Cafe in Washington D.C is the only maker of this ridiculous burger. Unique to is is the truffle Italian cheese (Sottocenere). If you are a burger hunter, then this is the must go placefor your next catch provided you carry $23 with you.

13. The Hamburger

San Francisco’s Zuni Café is the maker of The Hamburger. It is a burger worth looking forward as its toppings and crust will only leave you yearning for more.

14. Hamburger

This is made in Perini Ranch Steakhopuse in Buffalo Gap, Texas. It is the state’s best burger according to the Roadfood meaning that it has quite a lot to offer. For $23 you get a half-pound burger with grilled mushroom, onions, and green Chiles topping.

15. Lugar Burger

New York for sure is the home of burgers as the exquisite Lugar Burger is made by Peter Luger in Brooklyn, New York. It has been argues that this $25 burger is behind New Yorkers habit of sneaking early for long lunch breaks.

Cheeseburger mit Pommes Frites

16. The Father’s Office Burger

This burger is exclusive to the Father’s Office, Los Angeles, California. The unique features of the Father’s Office Burger are the white anchovy, sobrasada, smoked eel, and the Spanish mushroom topping. The burger comes at as low as $19.

17. The original Burger

Louis’ Lunch, New Haven, Connecticut is the maker of this wonderful burger. The burger has a beautiful exterior and a wonderful interior too. You can choose from a wide range of toppings to suit your taste.

18. Hell’s Fury Burger

The Vortex, Atlanta, Georgia makes the Hell’s Fury Burger. As the name suggests, if you had one of it between two burger lovers, then a fight could erupt. It is a half-pound burger topped with a sauce called the Atomic Death, pepper cheese, and habanero relish. It is sold for only $20.

19. Dick’s Deluxe 

The Dick’s is known for treating its workers like a fmily by offering the with scholarships, community service, childcare assistance and other benefit and of course for the fantastic Dicks Deluxe Burger. The burger is sold for just $2.70.

20. Bistro Burger

This is yet again a New York City’s production. It is made by Corner Bistro. The burger is cooked in a salamander-like broiler and has a beacon signature for Bistro Burger. You can get the burger for $10.5.

21. Steak House Burger

For a mere $12, the half-pound Steak House Burger made by the bridle Room in New York City leaves you wanting more. The price tag is justifiable because of its dry-aged meat.

22. Double Winstead

This is made at the Winstead’s in Kansas City. It has been one of the best burgers for the pas over 70 year. The burger is topped with ketchup, mustard, onion, and pickles. The quality in it justifies its $15 price.

23. Griddled Burger

The Griddled Burger is exclusive to the Edzo’s, Chicago. The burger was developed by Eddie Lakin, a famous high-end kitchen chef. It offers you options like fried eggs, garlic butter, and giardiniera.

24. Bill’s Burger

It is made by the Becks Prime in Houston, Texas. The Cheddar bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, and the secret sauce make the $14 price justifiable. It is a perfect burger to make jealous your dining companion.

25. Country-Fried Bacon Burger

This is yet again made in Houston, Texas but now by the Christian’s. It is a half-pound burger slathered with mayo and mustard and layered with tomato, pickles, onions and lettuce. It is available for just $16.

Irrespective of you location of the money you have or the location you are in, you still can enjoy some of the best burgers in America. After all, this is America where quality and detail matters.



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