20 Tips To Make Your Website More Interesting


When one decides to make their own website or hiring a web designer to create one for them, they should be aware of particular things. These things usually tend not to cross an individual’s mind. Anyone who wants a website or blog has sales as their main priority. Even though most people would prefer to have overdone gradients/textures or logos that appear flashy, it is crucial for a website designer to guide the client in the proper direction. There are numerous chores that should be undertaken when creating a good website. Below are twenty tips to make your website more interesting.

1. Select the right colors.

It is important for you to understand the emotions of your viewers so as to select the right colors. A niche that focuses on meditation would look attractive with a loud and bright color. For example a doctor’s website will normally have an open and lighter color scheme. A rock band website will have the CMYK colors that is cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

2. Focus mainly on important issues.

If a business engages in a particular product, it is advisable to make it as the main focus on the homepage. Create spaces inside the pages for placing calls for action for the product. If a blog is about tutorials, then ensure that the visitor gets attention and focus.

3. Labeling of artwork.

Images found on the internet have no sense of medium or scale. It is therefore crucial to label all the pieces of work using materials or dimensions to make it work. For those selling products online, it is essential to place prices.

4. Do not underline text.

Underlining of text shows a link. Do not use the underlined text as this is frustrating and confusing to the viewers.

5. Have information on contacts.

Since your site acts as a marketing tool, have potential galleries and collectors for them to discover the work you’re doing. Make it easier for them to contact you when they love your work.

6. Have a simple navigation.

It is not necessary to have excessive layers and navigations to your system. Have consistency in the navigation buttons. Do not mix up buttons. Rather, have them intact.

7. Have a brief resume and statement .

Know that it is difficult to read texts on screen. A resume will enable viewers to have more information about you. Provide a printing option for the viewer by use of PDF.

8. Simplicity of text.

Certain fonts are usually easy to read on the screen. Overuse of italics and bold makes it confusing and hard for one to read the text.

9. Have a low file size.

Most individuals do not have a connection speed that is fast when using the internet. Therefore, ensure that you have small file sizes and less images. This will prevent slowing down of a site.

10. Have a domain name.

People with the intention to attract collectors and galleries should have a domain name that is Seo-Friendly, easy to remember and professional.


11. Keep off background images.

The images slow down the site and when not properly done, they appear unprofessional. They also make it difficult to read text.

12. Keep off background music.

Most people get tempted to have background music. This is wrong as some viewers may not like your taste of music or this leads to large files that may slow down the download process. Playing the same song becomes monotonous.

13. Avoid cutesy animations on the mouse.

This draws viewers away from the site due to unnecessary gimmicks that tend to annoy viewers.

14. Do not disable the back button.

Do not cause captivity of the viewers by disabling the back button.

15. Avoid flash and frames.

These coding methods are not friendly to search engines. Therefore, it is advisable to use them sparingly.

16. Compatibility of the site to various browsers.

Ensure your site looks attractive to many users when used with a variety of screens and browsers.

17. Functionality of links.

Links that do not function could cause one to lose rankings and not get indexed. It is also annoying to viewers.

18. Have external links in a new window.

The above links ensure that your website stays on the screen by opening them in another new browser.

19. Honest relationship with galleries.

Galleries do not prevent you from selling in the internet and therefore one should have a good relationship with them. Both of you should have knowledge on who does not get a commission or gets one after making sales.

20. Avoid under constructing a page.

Do not link your site to your page. Do not announce a category and then leave it blank as this could annoy viewers.

Have fun making your site attractive.



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