Top 10 Best Online Brokers 2014


An online broker is a professional who deals with the buying and selling of stocks fort corporate and individual clients. They act as the middleman between those who are buying shares and those who are selling, and they offer their services. With the inception of the internet, there has been a wide rise in the number of firms that are trading via online brokers. Here are some of the top online brokers 2014 and the features that make them top in their game.

1. OptionsXpress


• There are no set minimums to what a customer can hold ion their account. This makes it favorable for the low income account holder or those who like to play it safe.
• Their mobile services are flexible and convenient, making it easy to carry out transactions and receive updates via mobile.
• There is no preset base fee, allowing you to put more of your money into worthy pursuits.
• By joining you are subscribed to Investor’s Business Daily for free.
• You are given a virtual account for trading purposes and to allow you keep track of your investments.

2. TD Ameritrade


• You are provided daily access to news pertaining to the world of business, so that you can always be in the loop.
• Their branches are widespread, hence if you need additional support they will be close by to offer it to you.
• The site is well planned out, offering you easy navigation so that you can get the services that you need faster with less effort.
• They have categorized their educational resources into levels and categories, depending on the level of user experience, so that the user can learn more and more as they progress.

3. E-Trade


• They have a standard mobile app that works on most phones, putting the power in the client’s hand.
• Client access to a wide range of investment packages and products.
• Online trader forums allowing sharing and exchange of ideas

4. Scottrade


• Research tools are offered to keep abreast with current affairs
• They offer an impeccable client service
• Simple and easy to use design, suited for clients of all levels
• Investment products are varied

5. Interactive Brokers


• They have reduced trading costs, thus you put your money into better use.
• There is a wide range of mobile apps, giving you control over your money, as you keep track of the trading activities.
• The security of your account is guaranteed.

6. OptionsHouse


• Reduced transaction fees
• Customized entry interface
• A mobile app that has been tailored to suit the preferences of the client
• Ownership tools

7. Charles Schwab


• There are no restrictions regarding the intensity of your transactions. You can choose how many transactions you want to carry out over a certain period. In addition, they have liberalized the minimum balance one is allowed to hold.
• Their research facilities are quite advanced, and one is at liberty to get access to them.
• According to their previous client base, they offer a very high level of quality service, which assuredly keeps clients coming back for more.
• Their client support is offered round the clock, so wherever you are, whatever time it is, you can carry out your trading activities.

8. Fidelity


• They have no preset minimum deposit.
• Their customer support is quite efficient, and the staff is right on hand to serve you whatever time you want.
• Their financial backing is really strong, thus they have more power to trade.

9. Tradestation


• For the first 60 days, you get free trading, before you are conversant with the terms of trading
• They offer you customizable strategies for trading, where you choose whichever suits you best
• There is a large trader community, hence you are sure you are in safe hands

10. Firstrade


• They have the option of tracking multiple stocks at a go, so that you know which to keep and which to trade.
• Their site is well modified for the client, and allows people of varying experience to navigate through and get access to the information they need.
• They have a mobile app that functions very well on the iPhone.
• Their trading fees are quite low.

These are some of the top ten best online brokers in 2014 and in the world of online brokering, just to name a few. With the amazing features on offer, it is not hard to see why customers are clamoring for them.




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