How To Get Free Refills At Starbucks


Starbucks offers a little wage for its members through their reward program. The program involves Starbucks refills for drinks despite of the previous order made by an individual. Those who qualify for the free drinks are usually members at the various levels and do not get out of the store after making their order. The free refills offered come at low prices and include Starbucks coffee which includes both iced and brewed as well as iced and hot tea. Here is how to get free refills at Starbucks.

The first procedure involves visiting the Starbucks website and registering any gift card. This will then enable an individual to create an account free of charge. One could choose to register a new gift card or create a link between the account and a debit or credit card. There are three levels associated with this reward program. They include the gold, green and welcome level. Any person who already has an account automatically qualifies for the green level. Otherwise, any beginner will commence at the lowest point which is the welcome level. Members already in possession of the gold card begin at the gold level.

There are various benefits associated with the different levels. People at the welcome level get two hours of non-paid Wi-Fi in the store and a birthday treat that includes something for you to nibble or a free drink each year. This normally occurs after using the card for the first time.

With the green level, one receives offers which includes a drink after the purchase of whole pounded bean. You also get free refills for drinks that comprise of either iced tea, iced brewed coffee and brewed coffee and two perks too. One could also receive soy milk or syrups. The green level normally comprises of five stars.

Beautiful Girl Drinking Tea or Coffee

Anyone at the gold level has the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the green status. The gold status comprises of thirty stars which is not hard for one to acquire. One only needs to drop by at the Starbucks after work and acquire the stars. Some of the benefits of this status include free Starbucks refills and rewards during your birthday. Apart from the above, one maintains their status as long as they wish and as long as one proceeds to purchase thirty items in a year. Those willing could also get special treatments occasionally from Starbucks through text messages or email. There are also free offers on trials for coupons or items. One will also get free rewards on foods and drinks after attaining twelve stars.

One goes through the levels by attaining stars. This is after you have made a purchase using a registered card from Starbucks. In order to reach the gold star status, one has to have a total of thirty stars while for the green level, five stars.

It is important for one to maximize on these rewards so as to get the worth of their money. Ways to maximize include ordering for the tall drink for those who love tea or coffee, setting up an automatic reload on your card online or purchase items separately in one visit as a star is earned every time your card is swiped.

Make use of this reward system by Starbucks.


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