3 Tips For Avoiding Social Media On Workplace


Globally the continuing use of social networking has led to a strong side effect on people.Currently many people use social media outside workplace mostly to connect with friends and relatives.


today social media have become the important way of communicating even in the workplace. Below are the ways of trying to prevent any problem that may a rise due to social media :


1. Have a private profile

Social media recently have become a big disaster to the entire participants,therefore having private profile will eventually reduces the problems that may occur such as preventing other employers as well as the coworkers from getting in your affairs.This is because many people have the character of posting other pictures that may lower your degree of respectful.However it will be so much painful in the tush because many people will not be in a position to view your pictures but it better being in that position than having the worst moment.Its therefore the simplest way of securing your profile to avoid people who may be having bad intention view your updates as well as your pictures.


2. Avoid coworkers friend request

The problems of the disaster sometimes start with those whom you were with at the work place.They tend to be of good character but on the other side they are the worst.To avoid all this its better not to accept any of their friend request and even to those whom you were with its the best time to unfriend them.Though many people may take it personal but the best thing is that you better be like that but let your action prevent you from bad behaviors and let it pave you a clear boundaries to make your professional together with your personal lives from being interfered with.The coworkers can create for you a problem.For example when there is a disagreement on the job it can start leading to exchange of words on the social media with forgetting that your account can be terminated,and this will eventually leads to you being fired from job.


3. Censor the content

Another way to avoid any disaster at the work place is by trying to censor out the content by use of Facebook list.This is because Facebook is the only social media that can perform the above task because it gives the users an opportunity to create anew list that can be used to accept or reject from accessing a given content on our walls.This method can work easily in a situation where at the back you have accepted the coworkers as your friends on social media but your not feeling like unfriending them directly but on the other side you don’t want them to appear in you business either.Moreover it helps you to create a boundary that will help you to progress successfully


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